The Nike Airforce 1 Flyknit Low Multicolor Are Fire!

The Nike Airforce 1 Flyknit Low is a new sneaker that is like no other.

They are Multicolor :


This beautiful sneaker is an improvement upon the design of the original Nike Airforce 1. What makes this shoe so different from the original is that Nikelabs has infused this sneaker with a special technology designed by Nike, Flyknit. Flyknit allows the shoes to be lightweight while still retaining a sturdy shape. The incorporation of Flyknit into the design gives the Nike Airforce 1 Flyknit Low an entirely new level of durability and comfort. The original Nike Airforce 1 had a distinctive, bulky shape and silhouette that made it an easily recognizable shoe. The Flyknit Low variation keeps that shape while adding a new, modern material into the equation. Nikelabs has also presented a special, limited edition variation of the shoe- in striking multicolor. This multicolor edition features Flyknit of various colors woven together into an intricate pattern and a clean, white sole. If comfort and style is something you prefer, this is the footwear that will provide it.

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