Stilettos, Pumps, and Heels, Oh My!

Many women are afraid of the daunting high-heeled shoe for various reasons. Women either don’t like the way they feel in them, feel like they will look way too tall, or some even fear that they might hurt themselves. Little do most people know, but high heels can actually be very beneficial to your health, and let’s be honest, make you look amazing!

When wearing high heels, your body has to adjust itself to the new height by arching your back and tightening your calf muscles. By wearing heels, you’re already using core stomach muscles for balance and giving your legs a little workout without even realizing it. However, you might feel the side effects at the end of the day when your shoes come off. Regardless, just by walking around town in your favorite high heels, you’re toning your muscles and slimming your calves. The physical benefits are not the only health advantage, because they can help your mental health as well. Heels can make a woman feel sexy or just allover give them a boost of confidence.


If you haven’t already noticed when you’re wearing heels, you look stunning. Your physique slims and your confidence grows, causing heads to turn in your direction. As stated previously, when wearing heels, your back arches and that causes your chest and backside to stick out, creating the illusion of a smaller waist. Whether you want to appear thinner or taller, heels can help you achieve that. For those who are afraid of looking way too tall, try a kitten heel, or try to embrace your tallness and make a statement with your height!

heels legs 2

Overall, for those who are afraid to get a pair of high heels, or feels they are unnecessary for their wardrobe, I encourage you to go buy a pair that you admire and try them out on a girl’s night out. See how they make you feel and accept that people will be staring at you because you look so fierce and flawless!

heels pretty 2

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