Streetwear Brand A.P.C. Reopens Its Flagship Store in Kyoto

Streetwear Brand A.P.C. has eventually reopened its Kyoto main shop on December 19, after a span of relocating and renovation. With Kyoto’s function as the seat of traditional Japan, the fresh shop inside does much to align age old Japanese craft and design with A.P.C.’s notoriously pared-back aesthetic. Past the rock facade that is compact, one discovers a refreshing lightness in the use of an unvarnished French white oak construction at the center of the space of the inside that delineates a quantity to show accessories. This comparison between wood and rock can be observed in the gray cushioning of the wooden seats, along with the change in flooring, thereby echoing the uchisoto, or inside-outside divide in traditional Japanese architecture. The store itself sells men’s and womenswear ranges, along with denim, accessories and assorted lifestyle things.

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