Swimwear trends 2016: say goodbye to the triangle bikini

Swimwear trends 2016: say goodbye to the triangle bikinilaceuponepiece

For years the tiny two-piece has reigned supreme in women’s swimwear. A sure sign of summer is the reappearance of the recognizable triangle bikini, but its time in the spotlight may be over. This year, things are changing. With the rise of body positivity, it seems natural that there should be more diversity in swimwear. All women’s bodies are beautiful, but they are certainly not all the same shape. The diversification of women’s swimsuits ensures that every woman can find a comfortable and beautiful option for the beach.

While many stores still carry classic string bikinis, there are now more choices for women in the swimwear department. Previously, options were pretty much limited to minimal coverage two-piece suits or one-pieces with boring silhouettes. Maybe there were a few tankinis here and there, but there wasn’t much in terms of middle ground. Now, shoppers won’t be forced to choose from opposite ends of the spectrum.

One of the hottest new trends in swimwear is a modern take on the classic bikini; the high neck two-piece. This trend still allows you to show off some skin, but it provides more security than the triangle bikini. It gives a sleek, sporty look while preventing any accidental slippage.

Women's swimwear: High neck two-piece from asos

High neck two-piece from asos

Another fun option this summer is the lace-up look. More and more suits have this eye catching detail. Whether you go for a corset look on the top or a little bit of lacing on the bottom, it’s a good way to spice up the old bikini. Even if you’re not into the laced up look, you can still have fun with straps. A lot of bikini tops now have intricate back details that create a unique silhouette. Just make sure to apply lots of sunscreen with these styles if you don’t want to end up with some crazy tan lines!

Women's swimwear: Lace up look from Abercrombie

Lace-up look from Abercrombie

Last but not least: the one-piece. You may think this is a tired style, but today’s one-pieces are not the ones your grandma wore. Cutouts and plunging necklines are popular this summer, proving that the one-piece has more than one look. There is so much variety in these suits now that any woman can find a look that works for her, and she doesn’t have to feel like a prude for passing up the two-piece.

Women's swimwear: One-piece cutout from Billabong

One-piece cutout from Billabong


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