Talking to the Nail Artist Creating Weed Manicures That Actually Smoke

Weird Attractiveness Shit goes viral on the world wide web all the time, and it is really gotten to a position in which a thing has to be truly, certainly, groundbreakingly insane for it to go viral. The latest case in point? Using tobacco nail artwork. No, I will not suggest “using tobacco” as a synonym for “amazing” or however Jim Carrey meant it in “The Mask” — I suggest, quite basically, nail artwork that smokes.

Nail artist Traceylee celebrated 4/twenty by putting up her on-theme generation — especially, a tiny sketch of Snoop Dogg with a huge (lit!) blunt protruding off the floor of the nail, and men and women went ridiculous for it. The video clip clip, which now has more than million views, even caught Snoop’s awareness. He re-posted it to his individual Instagram account with the very simple, approving caption: “Smoke”.

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