Tyler, The Creator’s Fashion Show Blows Minds

Tyler, The Creator’s Fashion Show is What Your Eyes Need to See (Video Below!)

Regardless of your attitudes toward Tyler, The Creator, The Golf Fashion Show on June 11th was iconic nevertheless. The fashion show featured models of different sizes, ages, and genders. There was comedy, there was great music, there was inspiring words from Tyler himself and if that’s not legendary then nothing is.

This was Tyler giving out shoes at the end of the fashion show

On June 11th, Tyler, the Creator showcased the Golf Wang collection, performed his new song My Ego, and gave out a pair of free shoes to everyone who attended the event Oprah-style. The event was pretty star-studded, artists like Kanye West and Solange Knowles were present along with Dylan and Cole Sprouse. The clothes were loud, vibrant, and very 90s; the collection definitely reflected Tyler, the Creator’s own aesthetic. There were coke-can chairs, skate park runways, and other cool ideas coming to life.


Tyler discussed his experience with Black Masculinity at the end of the show and it was so well-said. The whole show challenges and breaks stereotypes, which is something Tyler eloquently does through his music. Tyler gave an example of how restricting other people’s ideas can be in regards to how a man is supposed to act and it proves that we as a society need to loosen up a little.

My favorite part was the visit from Uncle Thurnis. Tyler has plenty of sketches involving the character Thurnis Haley and to see the comedy incorporated into the show was beyond awesome. This show was definitely a bold statement executed perfectly. I am not sure if there is another artist who can impact and leave such a lasting impression like Tyler did with this fashion show. Can’t wait to see what this artist is going to do next!

What were your feelings towards the show? If you missed it, here is the link below!

-Lexanna Sims

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