Hermes’s Outstanding 2017 Spring/Summer Women’s Collection

a few months ago

Hermes’s Outstanding 2017 Spring/Summer Women’s Collection

Hermes’s Outstanding 2017 Spring/Summer Women’s Collection, was presented at Paris Fashion Week. This season Hermes chose to go with a very bright color palette. The runway was filled with tons of Imperial yellow, and pink throughout, it truly felt as if flowers we’re blooming during the show. Hermes took their detail work up another level this season by adding some eye catching detailing to ever piece. Key pieces that stood out in this collection are the cotton twill dress that looks like a denim decorated with large pocket and front button. Sailor-style Reza jackets, jump suit also, work wear and military wear are those inspired by the uniforms pieces. Also another piece that stood out nicely was the apron dress, the reason being is because its truly a one of a kind of dress, not many people would have it and it also stands out a lot. In addition to his new work, he has added some very timeless detailing for the scarfs and also coordinate new ground of accessories. The eye catcher from the accessories we’re the necklace, lipstick are three entry a compact bag necklace. Hermes went truly up and above with this collection, with slacking to give the consumers what they want i can say that Hermes is restoring that flavor to their garments. If Hermes continues to improve each and every season they will be back on top in no time. Stay tuned to Rarenorm for anymore updates on Hermes’s Women’s collection.

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