Kylie Jenner Reveals A Breathtaking Merch Collection

Kylie Jenner has officially shown us what she’s been working on, which is new Merch Collection. This will be her first ever full collection from her Merch Collection line, The Kylie Shop. Kylie’s Merch Collection will feature hoodies, bomber jackets, long-sleeve and short-sleeve tees, underwear, caps, buttons, stickers and iPhone cases. Each item will come with Kylie’s AC/DC inspired branding logo font, and her famous quote ” Like, realizing stuff”. This is the first ever time Kylie Jenner is releasing clothing under her own name which is a really big step. Kylie has been kiling it this year with her make-up now its time for her to do the same with the clothing. Stay tuned to Rarenorm for any more updates on Kylie Jenners Merch Collection.

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