Palace Is Releasing Even More Amazing Items With “Ultimo Pt II”

Palace Is Releasing Even More Amazing Items With “Ultimo Pt II”

With only a few weeks going by and Palace is back at it again with the “Ultimo Pt II” collection. Palace has been timing their releases very well with Christmas being only 2 weeks away, this drop comes at a perfect time for everyone. This second collections comes with great winter pieces to help you get through the tough weather this season, the collection will feature thermal hoodie, Fleece bomber jacket’s, Rugby’s and many amazing winter beanies. Other eye-catching pieces in this collection would be the Gold key chain, grinder, and lastly the Street Racing long sleeve. The Palace “Ultimo Pt II” collection is set to release in store on December 16, and also online. Make sure you get your hands on these amazing pieces coming from Palace with this possibly being the last release of the year. Stay tuned to Rarenorm for anymore updates on Palace.

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