Raf Simons Stunning First Calvin Klein Collection

Raf Simons Stunning First Calvin Klein Collection

It is finally time to see what Raf Simons at Calvin Klein does to the fashion world and the day is finally here. Without a doubt Raf Simons will possibly make Calvin Klein one of the best brands again. The brand and the designer both haven’t release anything about the new Calvin Klein collection but all that has change once the brand took to their Instagram to preview some Looks. The first images under the creative director Raf Simons stars like Millie Bobby BrownNatalie WestlingTessa BruinsmaSelena ForrestKiki WillemsAbbey Lee Kershaw, and lastly the amazing Lineisy Monter. The fashion world can’t wait till the Calvin Klein Fashion show which is on February 10 for New York Fashion Week. Stay tuned to Rarenorm for anymore updates on Raf Simons and Calvin Klein.

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