Stella McCartney Outstanding 2017 Men’s Spring Collection

Stella McCartney Outstanding 2017 Men’s Spring Collection

Stella McCartney announced that she would be giving the fashion world the first men’s Spring collection, and it is truly a masterpiece. With this being the first men collection from the brand it seems like McCartney went all out with the sharp tailoring and clean design on the base, and a clean combination of culture, such as reminiscent of the iconic art and the sophisticated hippie.  The material choose was key due to the fact she used, jersey like materials and organic cotton which gave it a sporty look, but By using what that way it became fashionable and functionality balance so well harmonize, served with unexpected formal items. The suits were classic and had beautiful tailoring throughout, on the other hand, the color palette chose are great, light color like green and blue. Large pocket further attached to the pants, cuffs in detail, giving it it’s own accompanied unique sense of fun.The footwear, which were slippers and socks, further destroy the formal look they we’re trying to give, so  it finished off more like a street wear brand. The Knit items came over-sized and spacious enough so the shoulder would fall. Such as geometric patterns and V-shaped, with a impressive graphic decorated with patterns. Multi-color in the border pattern, knit tops decorated with plenty to arms, reminiscent of the counter-culture that caused Takashi in the United States in the 1960s and 1970s. Other then mixing the collection with street-wear and high end, Stella McCartney did a truly an amazing job with this collection, breaking down so many boundaries and giving the people what they really want. This collection was overall spectacular Stella McCartney should continue putting out great menswear. Stay tuned to Rarenorm for anymore updates on Stella McCartney 2017 Men’s collection. 

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