The Shocking KAWS X Air Jordan Collaboration Is Happening

The Shocking KAWS X Air Jordan Collaboration Is Happening

It is looking like it is going to be an amazing year for KAWS & Air Jordan. It definitely will be. After months of rumors and pictures floating around we can officially confirm that the KAWS X Air Jordan collaboration is happening. The rumor first came out about a year ago when a picture of a pair of Air Jordan 4 silhouette with the iconic KAWS “X” on the sole of the shoe and also being glow-in-the-dark. With no real release date yet this sneaker surly has a lot of sneaker heads ready to give up their last penny for a pair. The sneaker is set to come in a Grey/White colorway, and also featuring the iconic KAWS “X”. KAWS has collaborated with many other amazing brands over the last couple of years like Supreme, Uniqlo, Bape and also doing a collaboration with Nike to create a outstanding asphalt mural in Lower East Side of Manhattan. Stay tuned to Rarenorm for anymore updates on the KAWS X Air Jordan release date.

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