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17 General public Lavatory Horror Stories That Are Beyond Traumatizing

last week

Odds are that, unless you require to use a single, you really do not feel about bogs extremely frequently. It will make sense why waste time imagining about the area that you only go just simply because you have to, well… go? That reported, bogs are sites we stop by every single working day, rain […]

Hilarious Viral Meme Taking Over the Web [Original Video]

6 months ago

Hilarious Viral Meme Taking Over the Web [Original Video] This hilarious Viral Meme Taking Over the Web has been taking the web.The meme that has recently gone viral is an excerpt from Hood documentary. The documentary was never produced for the mainstream television viewers but it was focused on the online audience. The online documentary […]

Batman – Behind the scenes

8 months ago

The Robinson Extras is a hilariously new youtube channel with a lot of potential . We first encounter this creator running around in a makeshift bat cycle with a bat costume on creating laughs for the pedestrians around him. The funny noises and commentary suit this bat character rather well.

This New Internet UNameItChallenge Will Have You Hyped For Thanksgiving

9 months ago

Another week, another new internet challenge. The UNameItChallenge . Instagram user RemixGodSuede took it upon himself to get you excited about Thanksgiving, adding his own instrumental behind a clip of gospel icon Shirley Caesar. Caesar’s “beans, greens, potatoes, tomatoes” chant, paired with organ sounds and a banging drum pattern, make for a ridiculously catchy snippet […]

Back Drop From Hell, Another Viral Meme On The Rise!

9 months ago

Congrats Monroe community college you’ve done it. From the video above or below you can tell this story is taking place at a talent show or just a fun cafeteria setting . You have a young enthusiastic man looking to set a new standard for dance. Just as he is about to do his final […]

Animal Fight Night: Homewrecking Penguin

9 months ago

It is now known that animals fight over their love ones just as much as humans do. National geographic recently did a documentary on penguins and we got to see a rare sight this time around.  The battle between two male penguins for the love of a female penguin ! Seeing this video made it […]

Man hacks Big Billy Bass Fish into talking Alexa singing fish robot.

9 months ago

Man hacks Big Mouth Billy Bass Fish into talking Alexa singing fish robot. The fish is able to say whatever the man programs it to say. So far it can tell us the weather! If he can put more functions into the robot , we can see this being a best seller this christmas. Especially […]

We Have To Go Deeper Paranormal Pugtivity 2

last year

We Have To Go Deeper Paranormal Pugtivity 2 Have you ever been through paranormal pugtivity? If not just view the video above to be immersed into the world of pugs. The video will show you the true meaning of going “deeper”. Also the cute pug showed in the scenes above will put a lovely smile […]

Do You Think DJ Khaled Is The King Of Snapchat?!

last year

Dj Khaled has been super rare on Snapchat lately. The millionaire producer is a riot. You can view him on Snapchat saying “Another One” or giving the key’s to success. Many people might view his sayings as idiotic. But we at Rare Norm view it as just his way to continue to stay positive. If […]

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