24K Gold NES Clone is created to Celebrate Zelda’s 30th Anniversary


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First revealed back in 2014; the Analogue Nt remains one of many best methods to enjoy NES games over a contemporary TV and also to enjoy the 30th anniversary of 1 of the very most popular Nintendo businesses ever, The Icon of Zelda, you can now obtain a gold plated Analogue Nt to complement your color tubes. One of the many longest lasting promotional gadgets in Nintendo’s heritage was releasing limited edition silver Zelda games, which survived till the N64. The carts were plastic and only valuable for their limited availability.


The Analogue Nt’s newest model is coated in true 24-carat palm-polished gold. And it’s being restricted to only ten models, so there’s some added value in how uncommon this version of the NES clone will be. It possesses a unique gold cartridge edition of The Story of Zelda, but like previous versions of the Analogue Nt, it may also be used to enjoy any of Famicom games.


All ten models also have a transparent baseplate so you can look inside at the technology powering your attempts to rescue Princess Zelda to help sweeten the deal. The 24K gold version of the Analogue Nt could be enough to justify a 5,000 price tag.

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