American Gods Examines the Hidden Price of Immigrating to the United States

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America is a place of option, as we’re consistently explained to. People today come below with practically nothing however can make themselves billionaires. But there is a price that immigrants have to fork out when they come to this place, an unspoken decline that lies at the heart of American Gods. “We are a place of cultural appropriation,” suggests govt producer Bryan Fuller.

What Fuller is talking about is a place exactly where the dominant society is built up of watered-down bits of other cultures that have been deemed “acceptable.” It is teenage girls in Navajo prints at Coachella, persons who will tell you their “Chinese zodiac” signal, and the turning of henna and bindi into style extras. It is the way words from Black society transform into well known slang.

American Gods is the Tv set adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s novel of the exact same identify. In it, an ex-con named Shadow Moon (Ricky Whittle) finds himself employed to be the driver and reluctant accomplice to a grifter who phone calls himself Mr. Wednesday (Ian McShane). The two travel throughout the place on a road trip exactly where Wednesday stops to gather allies in a extremely distinct battle. Wednesday is 1 of the outdated gods (there is a slight hint as to which 1 in his identify), who are precisely what they sound like. These beings are beliefs manifested as persons, brought to America by immigrants, and have been forced into assimilating into American society just like their believers. But now the outdated gods are staying supplanted by America’s new gods—media, the net, and so on—and must battle for their survival.

American Gods gets at a basic paradox of American immigration: America demands that immigrants assimilate, but it hardly ever allows them in fact forget they are not from below.

With the exception of Native Individuals, everyone in the United States is an immigrant. It is woven into our countrywide basis mythology. As considerably as a whole lot of colleges are anxious, the place begins with “the Pilgrims left England and arrived below to practice their religion.” That distinct way of training American slavery—glorifying the Pilgrims and glossing in excess of slavery and indentured servitude—is 1 of the matters that influenced Neil Gaiman to produce the book in the initially spot.

“Somewhere in the ‘90s, my son arrived again from school, aged about twelve, and suggests, ‘My teacher suggests you’re a liar,’” spelled out Gaiman. “And I mentioned ‘What?’ ‘My teacher suggests you’re a liar. I explained to them in school and I mentioned that issue you explained to us about how persons ended up transported to America as a substitute of staying hanged or place in prison and they went out to Virginia and they ended up offered to farmers and matters. And she mentioned that is not genuine. And that persons and Pilgrims only arrived to America in lookup for a greater daily life and spiritual freedom.’

“And I was like, ‘Well, she’s improper. She can say that I’m a liar if she likes, but I believe I will tell that tale now simply because persons truly do not know it.’”

America loves to see itself as the spot exactly where anyone can come and be anything at all. It is why the Statue of Liberty has the inscription it does. It is also why Ellis Island is these kinds of a well known destination. Practically everyone, help save for the African Individuals whose origins ended up wiped away from slavery, can reel off their family’s immigration tale: how quite a few generations again, exactly where they ended up from, what they’ve contributed to America.

At the exact same time, America demands assimilation. This suggests hunting and performing “American,” which suggests talking English, wearing denims and t-shirts, and seeing football. The argument from whatever team is viewed as a danger is ordinarily that they just can’t ever be American. The Japanese ended up viewed as racially incapable of staying Individuals at 1 place. But now, by way of the magic of assimilation, Asian Individuals are held up as the “model minority.” Towns with considerable immigrant populations are littered with destinations like Chinatown, Tiny Tokyo, Koreatown, and so on. As the immigrant populations assimilate, those destinations prevent staying authentic ghettos and develop into vacationer points of interest. Tiny Italy in Manhattan, for case in point, is a brand far more than it is an genuine dwelling to Italian immigrants and their youngsters.

There is a minute in an episode of American Gods ended up an Egyptian immigrant is staying explained to that her son will identify his daughter following her. The female asks if the female will in fact have her identify or have a “bullshit center identify.”

I have a “bullshit center identify.” My initially identify comes from neither my mom nor my father’s society. My very last identify was misspelled when my father’s family arrived below we have hardly ever set it. My center identify is Japanese. Because, following a particular selection of generations, center names are exactly where “ethnic” names live. Immigrant moms and dads facial area a special conundrum: if you want your youngsters to healthy in, you give them white names. That pragmatism operate up from an understandable reluctance to give up on exactly where you arrived from. Delight, but only so significantly.


In American Gods, Yetide Badaki, herself a naturalized American citizen, plays the outdated god Bilquis, who lives off of appreciate as worship. There is a scene in the display exactly where Bilquis—also the Queen of Sheba—visits a museum crammed with artifacts of the entire world she originally arrived from. It is wordless, but you can see so significantly in Badaki’s efficiency. A god diminished to making use of on-line courting to get the worship she needs to stay alive, when she utilised to be depicted in gold and jewels. And, in that way, the god is consultant of her persons.

“Sometimes, the emotions of decline that occurs. And that may be astonishing to some persons. Thoughts of guilt, at occasions? Exactly where maybe you really feel that you have escaped a particular circumstance, or acquired past a particular issue,” Badaki explained to me about what Bilquis signifies in that scene.

“And then there is also, what is it to come from these kinds of glory, these kinds of incredible roots, and to come across yourself scrapping at the present circumstance in the existing spot?’” she ongoing. “I’ve talked to a whole lot of persons that say, ‘Yes, in the outdated place I was a brain surgeon,’ or a whichever. And they are executing some thing extremely, extremely various below.”

A single of the venerable similes for America is that of the “melting pot,” that persons from all in excess of contributed to a huge stew. But, of program, they’ve been cooked down and they aren’t the issue they utilised to be. They’re far more stew than carrot. And that is when matters start receiving terrible.

Because America likes possessing quite a few various roots, but also magnifies distinctions so that we panic every other. There is a initially-era immigrant Muslim character in the display named Salim (Omid Abtahi), who is promptly sympathetic. But Emily Browning explained to us there was a scene coming exactly where we see a character we like a whole lot say how fearful he was of change when he acquired to New York.

“He’s like a Muslim immigrant, and he has this conversation about coming to New York, and he’s like, ‘I was fearful of the Jewish persons in their hats,’ and ‘I was fearful of the black persons,’ and it’s like that blurred line in between very good persons and negative persons,” spelled out Browning. “When this individual that you’re totally on facet with, suggests, ‘I’m xenophobic,” you in fact get that there is so quite a few levels to these persons. When I initially study that line, I was sort of startled by that line. ‘Wait, but this lovable character is indicating he was fearful of the black persons?’ But it’s like a human issue.”

American Gods gets the nuances of America’s marriage with immigration and its very own range so right. The outdated gods are so clearly the tiny bits of tradition we all have, that we fork out lip assistance to. I’m confident there are holidays other than Chinese New Year, but that is the 1 America’s resolved signifies all our Chinese immigrants. Same with St. Patrick’s Working day for the Irish. And Cinco de Mayo for the Mexicans. Everyone gets a parade, or a day, or a month. But these capsulized celebrations cordon off cultures, flatten what it suggests to be from somewhere else, and drive dwelling the strategy that, each individual other day, you’re meant to be American.

Image: Pablo Schreiber as Mad Sweeney (Starz)

Pablo Schreiber plays Mad Sweeney, the “leprechaun” who has been turned from some thing far more feral and perilous into, nicely, the person on the Lucky Charms box. And he’s not happy about that. “That’s a stereotype. Signifies a extremely narrow view of the entire world,” Mad Sweeney suggests in the display.

Schreiber expounded on the strategy his character signifies. “The rigidity there is simply because there is a letting go of that society. And some persons want to keep on truly, truly restricted to make confident it doesn’t go away. But there has been a letting go, there is been a releasing,” Schreiber mentioned of the immigration themes of the display. “A whole lot of that is sort of penned into the code of what it suggests to be American. And if you’re going to come below, you can be happy of what you ended up, but you have to leave some of that guiding in order to be American. You have to pray to the new gods of America. To this strategy of the American Dream. Commercialism. Purchasing Matters. all of these matters are our new matters to worship. And the outdated ideals that we brought develop into significantly less essential.”

Which is exactly where the new gods come in. Why pray to Odin or Bilquis, when what you truly want is a new Apple iphone? The Complex Boy has your again there. Or develop into American by absorbing America’s best export: Media. Kids of immigrants learn to be American by performing out the values they see on Tv set. Media and the Complex Boy make you American. Bilquis and Odin make you an outsider.

An additional way to search at it is that the cycle of immigration repeats itself with every new team. “I really do not come from an immigrant society, I come from a slave society,” mentioned Orlando Jones. But, he suggests, for all our distinctions, “Every team has the exact same amounts of soreness, the exact same fight, the exact same scars. We’re in the exact same battle. All of us, no matter if we select to accept it or not, are in the exact same battle. Nowadays, like it was our terrific-grandparents.”

American Gods doesn’t shy away from the reality that while there is some thing received by the immigrants who come to America, there is some thing misplaced, too. And America is established up to remind you of this, in excess of and in excess of. “It’s a extremely American display, which suggests it’s a extremely global display. It is developed on the backs of immigrants,” summed up Schreiber. “It’s developed on all of the stories that ended up brought below from other shores. And that is what this display is. It is a actual physical telling of all the various stories that ended up utilised to create this nation.”

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