Anime Studio Artland Just Went Belly Up [Update]

Animation Studio Artland Inc. has closed. The studio did the Television anime edition of Senran Kagura and most a short while ago did the spring 2017 series Seven Mortal Sins.

In accordance to website Teikoku Databank, the studio is 298 million yen ($two.62 million) in financial debt. The studio shut down on June thirty.

July seven six:42am Update: Web-site TSR stories that Artland has nonetheless to formally file for individual bankruptcy and is seeking at means it can type out its money owed with no doing so. The web page adds that it is probable that Artland could possibly be able to keep on functions. This report at first mentioned Artland was bankrupt (it is bancrupt) and has been current appropriately.

Artland was at first founded in 1978 and did co-production operate on Super Dimension Fortress Macross and Legend of the Galactic Heroes. Having said that, it is in all probability most effective acknowledged for the Television anime Mushishi. You can enjoy the trailer for its last series, Seven Mortal Sins.

In 2005, Artland became a subsidiary of Great Amusement. The animation division was later break up off into yet another business acknowledged as Animation Studio Artland Inc.

The studio had racked up deficits and was hoping that a Chinese animation studio would receive 51 % of its inventory to restructure the business, but that never took place, and Animation Studio Artland Inc. is now bancrupt.

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