Australian Qualifies For Quake Match With 200+ Ping

Quake is a really hard sufficient activity as is, and that’s with a fantastic link. Now consider taking part in in an global qualifier for a $1 million match on 200+ ping.

That’s the route that Daniel “dandaking” De Sousa walked on the weekend, carving his way via several People to qualify for the North American regional finals. Actively playing for Just A Moment (JAM) beneath the name “astroboy”, the Aussie Quake veteran managed to get paid a spot among North America’s best 32 players.

The regional finals are being performed on line as properly, so the probabilities of dandaking qualifying via that gauntlet are substantially, substantially decreased. Even so, you have to recognize an individual who can qualify via conditions like these:

And have a glimpse at dandaking’s railgun accuracy on pretty much 280ms at the end of the second map:

Here’s the final frag, capped with a shotgun and a dial up internet excellent ping of 230ms+:

Certainly absurd. The qualification is a bit of vindication for dandaking as properly, who performed in the very first North American qualifier only to be knocked out in the 3rd spherical. A modest contingent of Australians have taken section in both of those qualifiers so significantly, but dandaking is the only a single so significantly to get within a whisker of qualifying, allow on your own basically earning it.

Just after all, it’s Quake on 200+ ping. That should be astonishingly really hard on any given working day, but even a lot more so in a match where by North America’s ideal players are assembling for the premier Quake Champions match on offer. Dandaking now has the selection of taking part in the regional qualifiers in North The united states, if he or a sponsor can stump up for the flights to get him there. Failing that, he can try out his hand at the offline match at QuakeCon next month.

You can rewatch the full of dandaking’s qualifying match under. The very first map starts at 10h 31m.

This tale originally appeared on Kotaku Australia.

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