Battlegrounds Participant Receives Flung Throughout Island By Glitch, Wins Match

A long time from now, historians will argue around whether or not this was a jump—constrained, as jumps are, by the legal guidelines of physics—or some thing else fully.

All through a modern PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds match, player Nillaaa resolved to hop on a bike so as to get again to the major zone speedily. Then he drove around a hill, and some historic demon in the game’s code lastly shattered the bonds constraining it. That’s the only logical clarification for the fact that this transpired:

The good information: Right after teleporting from north to south island, he caught the landing. The lousy information: The devil-bounce warped Nillaaa to a spot in close proximity to the bridge, which is commonly overrun with vicious campers. Nevertheless, regardless of remaining rattled by the sheer strangeness of his in close proximity to-death expertise, he managed to select off a dude, seize a vehicle, and pace to basic safety.

He went on to endure a handful of harrowingly up-near skirmishes, destroy ten persons, and get the match. In any supplied video game of PUBG, most players would not have survived the bicycle journey outdoors place-time or any of those particular person encounters, allow alone all of them.

Previously, artists like redditor Eunai have taken to immortalizing Nillaaa’s feat:

These historians I pointed out before? Yeah, they’re gonna be actually perplexed.

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