Blizzard Lastly Nerfed Hearthstone&#039s Quest Rogue Deck

Soon after stirring up masses of controversy, Hearthstone’s much-maligned “Quest Rogue” deck is lastly getting nerfed. As an alternative of triggering the quest by taking part in four minions with the exact identify, now gamers will have to discover a way to summon 5, which might feel like a small improve but is basically a considerably more challenging activity.

Quest Rogue is a deck that offers each individual minion a 5 well being / 5 attack stat line when the player summons four minions with the exact identify. Because most minions in the deck can be summoned at a really reduced mana value, the quest is a single of the strongest in the video game, and is basically unbeatable until it is up from a deck that particularly counters it.

Seemingly, in Blizzard’s eyes, the card was so robust it warranted some tweaks. Today’s adjustments will make convert-3 quest finishes close to extremely hard to pull off, indicating that Quest Rogues will be weaker from aggro decks, but continue to powerful from late-video game centered decks that invest a great deal of time stalling.

When Blizzard’s balance group suggests that Quest Rogue decks aren’t one-handedly wrecking Hearthstone’s metagame, they say the improve is intended to “expand the deck choices out there to gamers,” which is by now a very good point. On top of that, although, the improve will deal with the trouble that pro gamers like Brian “Brian Kibler” Kibler struggled with: particularly, that the deck feels like it has “a confined axis of interaction.”

If you aren’t insane lucky, and you really do not get rid of a Quest Rogue just before convert four, you’re usually lifeless until you’re functioning a immediate counter. Kibler basically encouraged this precise improve to the quest in his video clip addressing its challenges, so he and other execs are content to see the card transformed:

This nerf pattern will seem common to anybody who’s been following Hearthstone for additional than a couple of months. Again in February, when Midrange Shamans and Pirate Warriors smashed almost every thing else in the metagame, Blizzard stepped in and nerfed two cards that were being critical to these decks: Modest-time Buccaneer and Spirit Claws. When the nerfs weren’t so extreme that they produced these decks irrelevant, they tweaked the video game just sufficient to permit other decks like Renolock and Jade Druid back into the mix.

It is hard to know regardless of whether the adjustments to Quest Rogue will have a significant effects on the metagame, simply because proper now, the optimum tiers of Hearthstone play are by now much additional various than they were being back in February. When the Quest Rogue will possible rotate out of attractiveness, it is hard to say regardless of whether that’ll affect the rest of the tier record ecosystem.

So why trouble building the adjustments? Evaluating February’s nerfs to today’s, the a single point that they the two have in common is that they’re the two set for release about a month just before the start of a new growth. With Blizzard by now dropping hints about an impending set of cards, the transfer is probably additional of an attempt to prep for the next set than it is to shake issues up in today’s aggressive scene.

If Blizzard would like to release effective new cards in the next set, it probably doesn’t want uninteresting, static Quest Rogue decklists functioning amok and deflating their charm. This difficulty basically reared its unattractive head earlier this month, when Cong “Strifecro” Shu attained top 20 in Hearthstone’s Wild manner using a entirely-regular Quest Rogue decklist, which appears damaged as hell when you look at that Wild gamers can use cards from each individual growth ever released.

If you’ve obtained your individual Quest Rogue deck and are freaking out about the improve, really do not sweat it much too much—as a consolation prize, at the time the nerf is stay, you will be capable to disenchant the deck’s defining card, The Caverns Under, for a full 1600 dust. Perhaps keep onto it although, simply because with a new growth coming out quickly, who appreciates? The deck might get a card that delivers it back to its previous glory.

Joshua Calixto (@hitherejosh) writes about esports, tradition, and know-how.

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