Blizzard States It&#039s &#039Drastically&#039 Reducing Overwatch Loot Box Dupes

Loot bins are bullshit. Overwatch’s are about to turn out to be a bit considerably less bullshit.

In a new movie, Jeff “JKap” Kaplan uncovered his sweet new D.Va jersey—flaunted it, really—and also talked about some stuff. The most intriguing depth is a long-requested adjust to how very likely gamers are to get replicate goods in loot bins.

“One of the matters we’re going to do is dramatically minimize the price of duplicates you get out of any loot box,” said Kaplan. In other words and phrases, expect much less of individuals hideously frustrating times when you crack open a gleaming new loot box, only to get yet a further duplicate of that just one Winston skin the activity won’t halt handing you like a forgetful grandparent who needs to be completely sure you’ve bought enough sweaters.

As it at the moment stands, replicate skins flip into credits, which you can use to obtain unique skins immediately after you help you save up for a thousand years. Kaplan suggests that, from now on, loot bins will simply award much more credits to make up the change. “We’ll make sure that your credit rating consumption will be at least the exact, if not much more,” he said.

The loot box adjust is now are living on Overwatch’s Personal computer PTR, if you want to test it out. Granted, which is loot that’ll be cosigned to the dumpster of history in the near long run, so maybe just hold out for the update to go are living until you’re really curious.

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