Celebrate Sonic&#039s 26th Birthday With A Tiny Touring Audio

Just in time to kick off Sonic the Hedgehog’s 26th yr, the individuals at Overclocked Remix launch Dashing To Experience, a absolutely free 23-track album celebrating a quarter of a century that went by in a blue blur.

The great factor about the Sonic franchise is that no matter how good or poor the video games launched might be, the tunes is just about constantly on stage. Dashing To Experience celebrates the series’ musical chops with 23 beautiful remixes of some 30 local community artists.

Here’s a smaller style:

The compilation involves remixes from video games spanning Sonic’s 25-yr history, from the primary match to Sonic Hues. Hell, they’ve even obtained a remix from Sonic Rush Experience.

The tunes are great, great for functioning, driving, traveling or ring amassing. You can obtain it for absolutely free here, torrent it here and browse all about it about at Overclocked Remix.

Or just hearth it up appropriate here, courtesy of Soundcloud.

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