Chile&#039s Soccer Group Did A Nintendo Swap Goal Celebration

Chile’s national football staff, reigning South American champions, played Cameroon in the Confederations Cup yesterday, and right after scoring what they imagined was their first target (it was later referred to as back again for offside) celebrated with a homage to their existing Mario Kart obsession.

By means of Nintenderos and, below we can see that some members of the staff have been sharing their hotel Swap gaming on social media:

And below, prior to currently being explained to by a online video referee that Eduardo Vargas’ target would not stand, are the staff sitting down down and pretending to engage in the Swap in celebration:

The controversy bordering the disallowed target, 1 of the first to consider position in key intercontinental football, displays that blue shells are serious, and are just as brutal as they are in Mario Kart.

Thanks @FullydoneChcuc!

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