Damn, This Overwatch Professional Is Fantastic At Widowmaker

Through yesterday’s European Overwatch Contenders team phase, Esporati participant DIDS put alongside one another a emphasize reel of Widowmaker pictures in small succession to secure the round.

In my possess encounter, a Widowmaker on offense is typically a terrible sign. But utilizing Widow’s mobility and electrical power, DIDS helps make fast get the job done of the minimal-wellness line-up of Group Professional.

Extraordinary things. I’m hoping my next Overwatch competitive video game has additional Widowmakers of this caliber. Regardless, the match ended three-one in Expert’s favor, and Esporati ended the working day -three in team engage in.

The North American team phases kick off later today, with groups like Selfless, CLG, Immortals and Luminosity all competing. You can observe the action when it goes are living on the Overwatch Contenders Twitch channel.

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