Devs Conspire With Twitch Viewers To Troll Clustertruck Speedrun

097Aceofspades at the moment holds the earth document for beating Clustertruck, a sport exactly where you hopscotch across a demise program of rampaging semis and pileups, so in a natural way throughout his try at Summertime Games Performed Speedy the game’s devs collaborated with the Twitch chat to fuck with him.

Clustertruck is infamous for a backdoor that permits its developer, Landfall, to appear in and start out modifying people’s online games. Because of its in-shopper Twitch integration, the developer are in a position to have an impact on playthroughs remotely by introducing diverse hues, outcomes, and physics like 4x gravity.

When the sport to start with came out final year, the developers designed a routine of popping onto popular streams of the sport and trolling gamers.

Not fully remarkably then, Landfall was around throughout 097Aceofspades’ run to industry votes from the Twitch stream one what outcomes to introduce and complicate issues. They formally said hello there to SGDQ around the 10 minute mark. “At this position you are allowed to blame Landfall for every thing,” said one of the commentators.

Viewers started off by pushing issues like low gravity devoid of recognizing that would support 097Aceofspades (he spends most of his time exploiting acceleration tricks to launch himself across concentrations, bypassing the madness beneath). Other outcomes like inverted controls experienced the opposite influence, forcing him to consider and just take issues sluggish due to the fact he could not rely on muscle mass memory to pull off sure time-preserving maneuvers.

And of program there was everyone’s favorite: laser vans.

If you’ve hardly ever performed or seen Clustertruck before, 097Aceofspades’ run is a excellent demonstration of how the online games quirky premise (demon vans) and gonzo physics can basically lead to anything extremely calming and therapeutic when positioned in the palms of a person who’s perfected it.

You can view the run in its entirety here (time-stamped), with a complete overview of the relaxation of the week’s SGDQ programming here.

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