Dota 2 Group Wins Match Whilst (Pretty much) Never Buying The Exact same Hero Two times

Graphic credit history: Valve

At this final weekend’s The Summit 7, a person team determined to challenge alone. Rather than lean on any a person hero, Virtus.Professional would go the reverse way: Check out to hardly ever pick the exact same hero two times.

We’re never know why the team determined to perform like this—the consensus would seem to be it was either to establish some naysayers, who admonished the team for missing in hero wide range, mistaken, or it was just for the fun of it. Both way, Virtus.Professional confirmed on-stream that the team was deliberately trying to pick each individual hero in the sport only at the time for their entire match operate.

In the game titles VP performed, heroes who have not seen the aggressive light-weight of day in months got a probability to shine yet again. Supplied five heroes picked for each sport, and 113 heroes to chose from, the cream of the crop was promptly accomplished away with for specialized niche picks like Viper, Huskar and Lich.

As supporters followed together and up to date a tally of which heroes were nonetheless obtainable to VP, it became clear that Virtus.Professional wasn’t just goofing off. The team shined on a wide range of picks, capable to turn peculiar compositions and approaches into winning drafts towards the groups in attendance at The Summit. In this clip, LGD attempts to gank (ambush or converge on with intent to kill) mid lane player Vladimir “None” Minenko, only to have VP perform it out and turn it around for a team wipe of LGD without having shedding a single hero in the procedure.

Or in the grand finals towards Group Magic formula, the place Minenko’s Viper was so significantly forward, he experienced to basically operate at the enemy team with half-wellbeing to die, typing “KILL ME” in the chat as he did so.

Some drafts even confirmed shades of preceding meta-game titles, or schools of thought, in Dota technique. In the exact same grand finals collection towards Group Magic formula, VP drafted Naga Siren, Enigma, Lich and Monkey King. The latter a few all have massive ultimate abilities—Enigma with his Black Hole, Lich’s bouncing Chain Frost and Monkey King’s Command, which spawns illusions of himself in an location that conquer up any individual inside of. The Naga Siren’s singing ultimate enable VP set up all a few in the excellent situation, reminiscent of 2012 and The Worldwide 2, a match the place that playstyle was well-known.

Finally, Virtus.Professional did not entire their challenge. In sport 5 of the grand finals, the team picked four heroes they experienced drafted previously, in a go that was called “the extensive con.” The team won The Summit 7 anyways, and soon just after, it was announced they would be between the 6 groups directly invited to this year’s The Worldwide 7, at present sitting down at an just about $sixteen million prize pool.

In full, Virtus.Professional picked eighty one heroes around the training course of 17 game titles, with only four repeat picks in sport 5 with Darkish Seer, Loss of life Prophet, Sven and Warlock. Here’s a graphic that reveals the team’s picks, courtesy of reddit consumer /u/iamcyn.

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