Eggggg by Hyper Games is a throw up filled mobile fun fest!

When did this project start and who thought of the concept ?

The project started as a collab with a movie producer who was working on a movie about a kid who’s allergic to eggs, and vomits a lot. We started working with that theme, and ended up with a game that’s really very different from the movie – but still with roots in the same universe.
What is the story behind the main character ?

Gilbert really wants to go to a birthday party, but his mean aunt Doris will not let him. After a daring escape he needs to use his vomiting superpower to survive a world of angry cyborg chickens.

What other games have you guys worked on ?


This is our 7th game since we founded the company in 2012. Many of them are smaller apps only for the Norwegian market. Right now we’re trending on Google Play in most of the world with a puzzle game called Balance:

What do you wish to accomplish with this game ?

We want to accomplish making a really high quality game that sells well. We want to make the best plat former game for mobile.a8bb901b9c2a59d95b0296ed9e2a1000

If your whole team were to be hired by a well known publisher like Microsoft or Sony which would you choose ?

We wouldn’t want to be hired by neither Microsoft or Sony, but if i had to choose one. I’d prefer Sony.. not sure why 😉

How many man hours have you guys put into the making of this game ?

We’ve spent about 3000 hours internally (but art, animation and sound is mostly outsourced)eggggg_menu

The Team : Terje Gran, Kristoffer Jetmundsen, Rolf Hove, Harald Lønmo and me, Are Sundnes

Check out some gameplay here ! :

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