Enjoy Another person Speedrun Portal Without the need of Making use of Any Portals

Speedrunner 097AceOfSpades conquer Portal in fifty two minutes applying no portals and a large amount of airboat cheats.

Generally, Portal takes about a few several hours to complete. And, as the title implies, you complete it by applying portals to solve the game’s tough puzzle-based campaign method.

097AceOfSpades depends on a person most important hack to get through the match sans portals: spawning airboats. They’re property from Valve’s 50 % Lifetime 2. Due to the fact Portal was created with the identical engine, 097AceOfSpades says, he’s able to spawn them in Portal to assistance get around puzzles. That way, he can climb on leading of the structures to access platforms or, by spawning airboats midway through walls, he can use them to clip through locked rooms:

From time to time, he’ll spawn a handful of dozen airboats that launch him on to increased platforms like so:

The speediest Portal speedrun with portals is about eight minutes.

(through Reddit)

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