FFXIV Stormblood Feels Like Its Individual Final Fantasy Activity

Stormblood isn’t just a substantial chunk of new content for Final Fantasy XIV. It’s the 3rd game in an ongoing series, a person that transpires to share the exact same house as its predecessors.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn instructed the story of the rise of the Warrior of Gentle (AKA the player character) and recognized the conflict amongst the realm of Eorzea and the evil Garlean Empire. 2015’s Heavensward observed the hero and their pals embroiled in the conflict amongst humanity and dragons in the Northern reaches of Eorzea. These are not brief tales, like the chapters in a guide. Just about every tells its possess contained epic inside of the exact same story line. The heroes remain the exact same, but the villains and options alter.

Now Stormblood sees our heroes’ consideration switch when a lot more to the Garleans, looking for to cost-free the metropolis-point out of Ala Mhigo and Japanese point out of Doma from the empire’s oppression. The player character has a new nemesis, Zenos yae Galvus, son of emperor Varis zos Galvus of Garlemald.

I’m only midway by way of the story of Stormblood, and already I have battled Zenos twice on two distinct sides of the planet. I’m employed to having the significant baddies of my MMO expansions concealed at the rear of some conclude-game raid struggle. It’s refreshing to have this sort of instant (and agonizing) obtain to this sort of a highly effective foe.

The 1st encounter amongst the player and Zenos propels the story to the other aspect of the planet. Styled right after ancient Japan, the point out of Doma has been under Garlean rule for a long time. The Warrior of Gentle and company purpose to conclude that rule and recruit the Domans to their aspect. It’s a process that may go a very little quicker if the new lands weren’t so damn picturesque.

I’d be significantly even more along in the story with my amount sixty five Purple Mage if I was not halting each 5 minutes to consider screenshots. I am not exaggerating.


The cinematic framing is on level.


Clan Destine, queen of the sheep people. Or just sheep.


The exact same locale as the shot earlier mentioned, only all through sunset. That is some superior sky right there.

One of the most lovely massively multiplayer RPGs has gotten even a lot more lovely with its Japanese enlargement, ramping up atmospheric consequences although delivering stunning spots filled with odd new creatures.

Ought to have a person. Now.

It’s not just the story that will make Stormblood sense like its possess game. Along with the inclusion of two new occupation classes, Purple Mage and Samurai, Square Enix has launched sizeable adjustments to equally occupation development and occupation capabilities throughout the board.

Players no for a longer time have to increase two careers to a selected level in buy to unlock an state-of-the-art class. It employed to be in buy to engage in a Bard a person had to amount up the Archer occupation to 30 and Pugilist to 15. Now it’s straight from 30 Archer to 30 Bard. Alternatively of leveling other careers in buy to obtain their specific capabilities, gamers now have a established of job-certain capabilities that unlock as they amount up.

Just about every occupation also receives a new ability mechanic of some type, represented by a specific on-display meter. My Machinist, pictured earlier mentioned, now has an indicator of how significantly specific ammo his rifle is loaded with, along with a warmth gauge that ramps up damage the a lot more fired up it receives.

But my inadequate Machinist is getting unfortunately neglected considering the fact that Stormblood launched, thanks to my Purple Mage. I love this occupation. Filling a meter with white and black magic and then unleashing it in a series of highly effective sword assaults? So superior.

Heavensward was my Machinist’s story. This is my Purple Mage’s. Final Fantasy XIV continues to do an excellent occupation at creating the player sense like they are the centre of the story, and the hundreds of other gamers heading on their possess journey are just the bordering stars.

So significantly she’s been by way of two dungeons, battled a primal, discovered to swim underwater and helped urge a seafaring organization to consider up arms against the oppressive empire. When previous I still left my beloved Clan, she was poised at the gates of a difficult demo on the road to uniting the people of Doma’s steppes. It’s just what she does.

She also does a total great deal of questing in buy to achieve people story beats. Stormblood tries to retain its questing refreshing. There is even now a great deal of “kill X range of Y creatures” kind things, but there’s also “mind my retail store although I’m out and guess what the prospects who show up would like to buy” and “find the locale shown in this sketch.”

Quests are not normally interesting, but they absolutely sure beat grinding encounter details by killing random creatures in buy to achieve the up coming story beat. Moreover, what kind of Warrior of Gentle would I be if I weren’t up for doing everyone’s essential chores in amongst bouts of preserving the planet? I surely would not be a person deserving of starring in the 3rd-installment of a person of the best massively multiplayer job-actively playing game titles heading.

We’ll have a person a lot more progress report up coming week, adopted by our assessment of Final Fantasy XIV’s 3rd installment. It’s looking very superior so significantly.

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