Glitch in Super Smash Bros. Allows You to Play 8 Characters At Once

Super Smash Bros.

A glitch in the world wide spectacle known as super smash bros. allows you to play 8 of the same characters at once. Some people have said it has been out for months and some have just discovered it. We wanted our viewers to enjoy it just as much as others are so here it is!

Instructions on how to complete the action are below:

Have 8 amiibo.

Use a controller that can “desync” (a GameCube controller preferably).

Go to the 8-Player Smash mode.

Just move your joystick until the “Player #” or port space pops up.

Click the name part of your port until it says “None”.

Remove your controller from the port or desync it.

Scan your amiibo.

Plug everything back in.

Move your joystick again and now you will be the Player in the next available space after your scanned amiibo. Nothing out of the ordinary, but trust me, it’s working.

Repeat Steps 5-9 until all the Player spaces are filled with the 8 amiibo.

Go to the Settings (where Time or Stock and Item rules are). Then simply exit.

Enjoy controlling 8 characters simultaneously

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