How To Get Down Susano, FFXIV Stormblood&#039s Initial Primal

Primal battles in Ultimate Fantasy XIV are huge spectacles that pit a team of players from impressive creatures that commonly display up in the collection as summons. Stormblood’s very first primal, Susano, gets much more huge than most, but a perfectly-coordinated team can take him down quite straightforward.

Susano is a take on Susanoo, the Shinto god of storms, creating him a fitting very first primal struggle in an expansion that explores new regions impressed by historic Japan. His appearance at the stop of a prolonged quest line in the Ruby Sea spot of the Doma area came as a shock. I was not expecting a primal to display up at that certain time. Judging by the seems on their faces, neither were my non-participant character companions.

He seems scary, but there is some thing infectious about his enthusiasm. He revels in struggle, and the prospect of an epic struggle from me and my fellow players genuinely seems to make him joyful. It’s infectious.

Like lots of Ultimate Fantasy boss fights, the Susano struggle is split into three phases. I’ll timestamp them so you can skip all over in the video clip higher than. Our celebration, assembled at random via the game’s Duty Finder, is composed of two tanks, two healers and four injury dealers. As a pink mage, I’m on hurting the demigod obligation.

Phase one – 01.35

The struggle commences! Positioning is very significant in the very first section. The principal tank grabs Susano’s notice and faces him absent from the celebration. The rest of the team gets guiding him and blasts absent with every thing they’ve bought. During the struggle the round perform spot will often be stuffed with either orange spot-of-influence injury spells or purple lasers.

Operate like hell to prevent them. Take note that sprinting no extended drains tactical factors (made use of to electrical power some abilities and talents), so use it to get the hell out of the way.

When not dodging lasers and explosions, players require to adhere together. Susano will knock back again a random character and then tag them with the flashing “group up” arrows. The rest of the team has to type up on that to prevent getting a great deal of injury. This is followed up by a large spot-of-outcome spell with a safe zone that is only a single straight line.

Phase 2- 04.30 

Phase two commences with Susano walking to the center of the arena and then, I guess, ascending? He’s the god of the sea and storms, so this is his sea type.

Now looming over the battlefield, Susano lifts his gianormous sword and brings it crashing down on the celebration. Below the tank of the team gets to participate in a rapid time celebration, catching the blow.

After the blow is struck, it is up to the celebration to do as a great deal injury as feasible. A few glowing orbs will spawn in the course of this portion. Designated players (typically the tanks and a random injury class) require to run into the orbs, getting a large amount of injury and preserving the team in the method.

After two rounds of swords and orbs, it is on to section three.

Phase A few – 05:fifty seven

Phase three is largely a repeat of the very first, with a several additions and adjustments. The knockback/team up assault from section just one is straight away followed by the straight line safe zone spot-of-outcome assault, so players have to be even speedier with their positioning. There is a new lightning assault that hits everybody and is unavoidable, just to make confident the healers are even now awake.

And there is also the cup match.

Susano will randomly encase a participant in stone, and their teammates will have to break the stone to no cost them. The trick below is that Susano results in two duplicates of the stone jail, and then shuffles them. Destroying the wrong just one damages the team, so either the trapped participant or anybody else spending notice should mark the proper just one.

The End – twelve:34

And he’s down. Pat oneself on the back again for a task perfectly carried out. Time to head back again out into the Ruby Sea, collect your quest benefits and go on on the gradual march in the direction of stage 70.

Optional Professional Strats

  • 05:35: Get overexcited and accidentally change all over your scorching bars in mid struggle.
  • 09:forty five: Die.
  • twelve:fifty six: Apologize.

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