How To Unlock Crimson Mage And Samurai Jobs In Last Fantasy XIV

The Stormblood expansion for Last Fantasy XIV introduces two new positions to the massively multiplayer RPG—Red Mage and Samurai. To accessibility them you do not have to hurry through times of story quests and journey to new lands. You just have to be amount fifty and talk to the suitable people.

Relatively than lock the new positions absent in the expansion’s new lands, which can only be accessed by gamers who’ve achieved amount 60 and finished the major story, both of Stormblood’s new additions are accessed through quests observed in Ul’dah, one particular of the game’s a few starting off towns. Any character amount fifty or previously mentioned can begin down the path to getting to be a Crimson Mage or Samurai. The course of action is very painless.

Crimson Mage

The quest to acquire the red commences in the Actions of Thal region of Ul’dah, just within the Gate of Thal. A distraught youthful female seeks assist rescuing her sister from a band of kidnappers. Sounds like a job for regardless of what random adventurer occurs along.

The kidnappers haven’t gotten considerably. Action outdoors the Gate of Thal and you are a ten second operate to where a confrontation is heading down. Who’s the person in the crimson outfit?

Turns out he’s X’rthun Tia, the previous of the Crimson Duelists, and his cutscene battle video game is tight. The assassins? What assassins?


X’rthun has the circumstance effectively in hand, so it’s back again to Ul’dah to see the girls off securely.

Due to the fact this is Last Fantasy XIV and your character is the hero of the realm, the Crimson Duelist has heard of you and thinks you’d seem superior in a red hat. He asks you to be part of him for a consume at the Coffer and Coffin, where he pops the concern.

Compared with the types introduced in Heavensward, Stormblood’s new positions arrive entire with a clean set of dresses. Wield your new weapon, put on your new garb, and you are all set.

Congratulations! You are now a amount fifty Crimson Mage, completely ready to grind your way up to amount 60 and expertise all the new stuff Stormblood has to provide.


Becoming a Crimson Mage is effortless. Becoming a Samurai is even a lot easier. The quest is specified by an Ul’dahn citizen hanging out suitable in entrance of the spot where absolutely everyone shows up when they teleport to the city. He’s just standing there, staying all fired up.

The man witnessed a gladiatorial battle in which an previous man from the East bested all comers employing a odd, curved blade. He directs you to the arena.

There a silver-tongued showman directs you to the Gladiator’s guild, where Mr. Samurai is just sitting about, waiting for you to clearly show up.

There’s no drama here. The previous man thinks you may be a worthy contender, so he arms about a sword, a set of dresses and a gem made up of the souls of his brethren, as you do.

Received to get, jacked in the previous Samurai Back.See, my character’s name is Back.

Pow! You are a Samurai.

Fairly effortless stuff, and so practical. Due to the fact the two new positions are out there outdoors of the expansion’s new parts, gamers with people in the 50s can swap to one particular of the new positions and use it to capture up with all the story missions they have to entire right before accessing Stormblood’s new lands and quests.

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