IBM Developed Sword Art Online Into An Incredible Virtual Reality Experience

Sword Art Online is a great way to experience swordplay and combat in a safe and injury free environment. Immerse yourself in the glorious virtual reality world version of the popular anime Sword Art Online.

The game follows characters that are trapped in a virtual reality MMORPG World. You, the player, can import your own personalized avatar into the game via 3D scanning. Instead of using a boring gamepad, you can use your entire body to control your character in any way imaginable.

The virtual reality experience leveraged IBM’s Soft layer cloud service as well as their cognitive system.

Unfortunately there are at this time no plans on releasing a game of this nature, but we are equipped with the technology to do so in the future. We hope that it won’t be long until we are introduced to a game of this type, because we and our headsets are certainly ready to do so.

Sword Art Online

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