In Japan, Nintendo Announces Generation For The More compact New Nintendo 3DS Has Ended

The formal Japanese internet site for the smaller-sized New Nintendo 3DS plainly states that production of the handheld is above.

The text in the little box reads 生産終了 (seisan shuuryou) or “production ended.” This does not only pertain to the pictured model.

If you click on on the Line Up (ラインナップ) tab, it states すべて生産終了しました (subete seisan shuuryou shimashita) or “Production of all (line-up styles) is concluded.” This consists of the New Nintendo 3DS’s two coloration variants, white and black, as very well as all the specific editions.

No these detect was created on the New Nintendo 3DS XL’s site, so the more substantial model will proceed remaining created for Japan. Do not be concerned!

In the earlier, Nintendo has normally created formal announces about components production for specific styles ending with identical notices. Previously, for illustration, Nintendo declared that 32GB Wii U Premium Set was no more time remaining created through the hardware’s formal internet site in a identical announcement. Very last tumble, this is how it declared Wii U production was above.

No word still if this impacts the handheld outdoors Japan. Kotaku arrived at out to Nintendo for comment prior to publication, but has still to listen to back.

The New Nintendo 3DS was 1st launched in Japan on Oct eleven, 2014 in the frequent-sized model and the more substantial XL just one.

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