Japan Makes Samurai Armor For Cats And Canines

It was only a matter of time, but a enterprise in Fukuoka, Japan is now building samurai armor for pets to put on.

The enterprise, recognized as “Samurai Age,” also crafts designed-in-Japan miniature armor for dolls and bottles of sake. The pet armor seems to be a a lot more recent—and fitting—addition.

Every established is designed a single-by-a single from a mild foam resin and polyurethane so it won’t be way too large for the animal.

The standard pet armor, which will come four distinctive shades, is priced in between 14,040 yen (US$128) for the smallest purple armor dimension to 16,416 yen ($one hundred fifty) for the premier gold armor dimension.

These fits are created for cats and smaller puppies.

Even so, Samurai Age also does custom orders for bigger pets, this sort of as this furry good friend. Prices, naturally, vary.

The company’s website is in Japanese however, I referred to as Samurai Age, and the man or woman I spoke with mentioned the enterprise does cope with global orders.

The web page has a easy Google translate element at the major, but take note that the order form was created for domestic use, so it could be tough to navigate. It also could be worth getting in contact with them by way of their Fb webpage for a lot more info.

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