Japanese Prepare Station Looks Like Something Out Of Fallout

A person hundred and 30 feet underground, this dystopian station may looks like a bunker in the Fallout online games, but at least the trains aren’t late. Just after all, it is in Japan.

This is Tsutsuishi Station in Niigata. It is compared with any station you will see in the country. Lee Chapman at Tokyo Situations points out:

First created in 1912, it was originally over floor, but all that transformed when the new station opened in 1969. Now it is 40 metres deep, and the only way to entry the two platforms is by navigating several moist tunnels and their 290 measures. A trek Tsutsuishi’s 25 or so day-to-day passengers have to make without any assist by any means, as there are no lifts or escalators.

Below are pictures of the station by means of Tokyo Situations.

The outside of the station looks regular enough. But the moment you go inside…


Check out the platform.


Leaving the station is equally dreary.

On Tokyo Situations, there are recordings of the station’s bulletins, which are fittingly bleak.

Far more of Chapman’s operate can be seen on Instagram, Twitter, and Fb. His portfolio may well be considered below.

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