Killing Jason Is Achievable In The Friday the thirteenth Game, But It’s Not Effortless

Killing Jason in Friday the thirteenth is a complicated process that’s easy to mess up. Watching persons attempt it is thrilling, even when they fail.

Since it is feasible for counselors to escape on their very own, and since functioning into Jason can normally guide to having impaled on a tree branch, you might be tempted to go it alone in Friday the thirteenth. That is undoubtedly what persons did when I played the video game. But if you do come to a decision to perform with each other, you might have a possibility to destroy Jason Vorhees.

Developer IllFonic has been coy about regardless of whether or not killing Jason is feasible. The official Friday the thirteenth site claims “Nothing is at any time specific and no a single is at any time harmless!” about combat encounters with Vorhees, and the Twitter account replied to thoughts about killing Jason with “Is it at any time certainly feasible to destroy Jason?” This read as a problem to excited supporters. If they desired to know how, they had to figure it out on their very own.

Of system, players figured out how to destroy Jason before the video game was even produced. On May perhaps twenty fifth, just a working day before launch, a few YouTubers which include Fairlight Excalibur produced video clips on how to destroy Jason.

The ways, which attract inspiration from several movies in the sequence, demand the cooperation of at least a single other human being, although extra is certainly far better. To start with, you have to get Jason’s mother’s sweater, which is in the shack he spawns in. Jason will be alerted after you get there, and given that he can teleport anyplace on the map, you should most likely make it snappy. Future, you need a female counselor to equip the sweater a male counselor can don the sweater, but it will not do what you need it to.

Following you have the sweater, a single counselor requires to die in purchase to arrive back again as Tommy Jarvis. Jarvis requires to ditch his gun, seize a machete, and strike Jason until eventually his mask falls off. Then, whichever female counselor has the sweater equipped requires use it as they would any other product, which will stun Jason. Then Tommy has to destroy Jason with the machete another counselor hitting Jason with this weapon will not provide a killing blow.

A working day immediately after tests that with a good friend playing as Jason, Fairlight Excalibur was able to pull it off in a general public match:

The particulars of the method—requiring specific counselors or weapons—means there is a great deal of chances for the approach to go wrong, specially if Jason is intelligent to their machinations. I loved this online video of a Jason injuring and killing his friends’ Tommy, efficiently ruining their plot. Following that, it is a make a difference of stalking and killing the remaining players, two of whom control to phone the cops and escape, miraculously:

In this a single the gang will get close—they phone Tommy and get Jason’s mask off—but Jason had managed to destroy the counselor with the sweater whilst Tommy was generating his way to the other players. As a bonus, Tommy accidentally shoots a member of his very own group:

It’s really great how speedily players figured it out—and even cooler watching extra and extra players pull it off. Provided how numerous persons are streaming Friday the thirteenth, we’ll certainly be observing extra players destroy Jason, or die hoping.

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