Leading For Honor Player Accused Of Rampant Rage-Quitting

For Honor

CosmicSwordsman is a person of the best-rated For Honor player on Xbox. Actively playing the Orochi class, they have killed 5,384 gamers and died 4 instances, in accordance to their For Honor tracker network website page. They have lost at the time.

Of study course, there’s a catch: allegedly, and ironically, they got there by gaming For Honor’s position procedure.

In accordance to For Honor gamers who have encountered them, CosmicSwordsman quits video games they may reduce. Following they’ve died at the time, gamers say, they e-book it. That retains their eliminate/death ratio in the prime .one%. It is not a quite honorable way to climb to the prime.

For Honor

For Honor gamers have requested for a leavers’ penalty for months. Players like CosmicSwordsman would be delicate-banned from playing, and rage-quitting, at these types of a large level. In the meantime, on /r/ForHonor, Redditors have long gone on a tear versus CosmicSwordsman. Even though moderators have deleted quite a few posts detailing their exploits, citing a plan versus witch hunts, their identify is even now evoked on the day-to-day. Gamers threaten CosmicSwordsman, telling him to “get fucked.” Their identify has develop into synonymous with toxicity.

Other folks get this rage-quitting more frivolously, asking CosmicSwordsman to do an AMA or photoshopping their tracker network website page:

Yesterday, a /r/ForHonor moderator threatened to ban Redditors who add to their infamy. CosmicSwordsman himself is banned from the subreddit and did not react to a request for remark. In accordance to For Honor gamers, CosmicSwordsman has defended himself stating he’s just quite, quite superior.

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