Mod Turns Stellaris Into Star Trek

If you imagined Paradox’s grand method sport Stellaris sounded very Star Trekky with its huge alien alliances and deep room exploration, you are not on your own.

Star Trek: Infinities is an bold mod venture that is overhauling the base game’s factions and ships with all those from Star Trek. It’s a fantastic match! I guess Mass Result could do the job as well, but when you seem at how Stellaris’ universe will work and what you have to do in the sport, it is no speculate a Star Trek mod was 1 of the 1st issues men and women imagined of.

Here’s a trailer from final year, when issues have been very early:

And here’s a a lot more current playthrough from GB Gaming demonstrating how it is appear along due to the fact:

It’s seeking fantastic so far—so fantastic that it won an award from ModDB final year—and just added a bunch of Klingon things to the sport. If you want to continue to keep keep track of of it as it goes along (it is not ready for mass downloads nevertheless) you can do that in this article.

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