Of System There&#039s A Explanation Why Tekken seven&#039s Android Has Breast Physics

Tekken seven

Tekken seven’s Alisa Bosconovitch appears to be like a woman, but she is definitely a robot. So a short while ago, a bewildered participant requested Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada why, despite staying synthetic, Alisa’s breasts bounce.

Most people today might believe the design is to flip people today on. But Harada truly attributed some necessary functionality to people jiggly robot breasts:

Huh! That’s a new one particular. It is a very little weird simply because Alisa’s creator, um, made her in his daughter’s likeness. But, hey, maybe Harada is pulling a Hideo Kojima, and in truth, we will at some point be ashamed for bringing Alisa’s uncanny anatomy into query.

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