Official Battlefield 1 Reveal Trailer

Head bashing, gut wrenching, and fighter plane fun. All words that can help describe the Battlefield 1 official trailer.

Get ready for the ride of your life while you fight for it. Watch your back and move quickly through the minefields. Travel the sand dunes and hold the rains of your horse tight. Don’t drop your sword for it could be your only savior. Head from the desert grounds to the fierce air in heart pounding dog fights. Slip through the tight cracks of the mountains and avoid the buildings while protecting those on the ground below you.

Use grenade launchers and mini guns to take down the choppers. Yet, smile and have fun while you shoot the machine guns and drive the tanks, but never forget the handiness of the bow. However, you better be ready for the moment you come face to face with a giant blimp. In this moment when the smoke clears just enough for you to see the giant beast, what would you do to survive?

Gear up and grab the flame thrower.


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