Overwatch&#039s Doomfist Commences Potent In Very first Pro Match, But Can&#039t Near The Deal

Image credit score: Blizzard.

Overwatch’s most recent hero, Doomfist, isn’t officially out nevertheless, but that did not quit him from showing in a new professional exhibition match held on the game’s general public test realm. Kim “Libero” Hye Sung of professional workforce Meta Athena billed out the gate with a barrage of punches that flattened extra than half the enemy workforce. Regrettably, he couldn’t hold the momentum heading.

The match started on a higher note for Meta Athena, who place new Korean workforce Ardeont on the back again foot by taking the match’s first map, Lijang Tower, in limited buy. Libero’s Doomfist was a big section of that. In a emphasize-deserving engage in, he made use of his Meteor Strike greatest to leave Winston and Genji—two well-known professional picks and “dive” composition cornerstones—buried beneath fist-shaped craters just before charging into an unsuspecting Tracer. Just after she went down, he proceeded to punch the other team’s Zenyatta clean up off the map.

Leap to 00:28:35 to see the engage in.

It was an spectacular display screen manufactured all the extra intriguing by the fact that, as Dot Esports details out, Meta Athena’s mad researchers picked an off-meta workforce composition to assist Doomfist. As a substitute of a“dive” composition—the professional comp of decision these days, targeted on mobility and hyper-intense tactics—Meta Athena had slower heroes Reinhardt and Zarya as tanks and Ana and Lucio as supports. Meanwhile, Tracer joined Doomfist on DPS. At first, they managed to counter Ardeont’s dive comp pretty properly, suggesting that Doomfist could aid shake up what numerous see as a stale skilled meta.

Even so, as the match wore on, the tide turned in Ardeont’s course. Libero trapped with Doomfist for most of the match, but only managed one particular other big elimination streak and spent a whole lot of time receiving picked off just before he could truly wreak havoc. In the close, Ardeont held Meta Athena at bay and won the total thing—though they had to operate an off-meta composition of their personal at periods to do so.

So probably Doomfist will produce a much-needed intestine punch to the professional scene’s stagnant meta, or probably he’ll get countered into an early grave. For now, nevertheless, we got a glimpse of what the long term may well search like, and I’m content to report that it has loads of punches.

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