Punching Gamers Out Of Shifting Autos, And Other Battlegrounds Myths


Survival shooter PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is massively well-known, but since it’s in early accessibility, it’s not particularly polished. That tends to make it ripe for mythmaking. Can you block infinite crossbow bolts with a frying pan? Can you punch another person out of a relocating auto?

The responses to both equally are of course, in accordance to a new YouTube video clip by myth-busting channel DefendTheHouse. In the video clip, DefendTheHouse assessments a number of Battlegrounds myths, together with striving to shoot grenades out of other players’ arms and landing a double flip on a motorbike.

DefendTheHouse commented below the video clip that, in the procedure of filming, he and his teammates went on to earn zero games. 

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