Shady Potato Chip Resellers Surface In Japan

With pick brands of common Japanese potato chips vanishing from store shelves, people are hoping to dollars in.

As Kotaku documented past 7 days, stress buying started at some merchants after snack makers explained they were either suspending or ending potato chip creation because of to domestic spud shortages.

This is not occurring at each and every store (some are nevertheless completely stocked!), but it surely is occurring at a ton of them. Additionally, not all brands are effected and therefore, all those chips remain extensively out there.

The types that are impacted—such as Pizza Potato, which won’t be created anymore—are viewing a spike in on line resale.

Quite a few of these are bundles or containers of baggage. Preserve in brain that a bag of Pizza Potato is ordinarily all around a hundred thirty yen (US$one.twenty), but can go for far more or even as low as 100 yen. (In the over picture, even so, the rate tag says 161 yen for a bag, which looks relatively substantial for retail.)

On Sunday in Tokyo’s Akihabara, just one relatively suspicious hunting man was spotted advertising Pizza Potato for 800 yen a bag, which is about six moments it’s authentic rate.

Calbee’s Massive Bag Flippantly Salted, creation of which is being suspended, was also being sold at a appreciably marked up rate.

Retailers seem to be combating hoarders and resellers with indicators that go through, “Limit just one bag for each customer.”

And but, there are nevertheless market outs.

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