Spammers Conquer Hammers In Overwatch At TaKeOver 2

Pocket techniques can appear in useful when you’re in a predicament like Misfits, who in yesterday’s TaKeOver 2 matches required a earn against Hammers Esports. When the Misfits arrived out of the Hollywood spawn on offense with a wall of shields and explosives, it surely caught Hammers by surprise.

Occasionally referred to as a “spam” composition, the crew composition depends on a steadily advancing wall of shields to secure its primary damage dealers in Pharah and Junkrat, who lob frequent projectiles via the wall. Two tanks, two healers and two spammers in tow, Misfits steadily rolled up the hill and onto the stage.

Just one devastating Pharah final later, Misfits secured the video game 4-three and took a substantially-required earn. That victory was quick-lived, nevertheless, as Hammers ran it back a few games in a row to get the collection.

Video games at TaKeOver 2 carry on all through right now and tomorrow in Krefeld, Germany, and you can capture the action on TaKeTV’s Twitch channel.

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