Spy Game Uses 3D Eyeglasses To Disguise Secrets In Plain Sight

Pink Scare is a new board game about espionage in the Chilly War. And it is built totally all around a pretty awesome hook: it works by using old-fashioned 3D glasses to conceal spy secrets and techniques on the game’s cards.

Supporting up to ten gamers, anyone assumes (at minimum superficially) the part of FBI agents performing to capture Soviet spies. Only, some of the gamers will be Soviet spies, who are ready to participate in by sending each individual other mystery messages that can only be discovered with the 3D glasses.

It’ll be out in September at retail, and options some killer artwork by Ian O’Toole.

UPDATE: Ah, they’re not essentially 3D glasses, since each the lenses are red. Still, they’re finished up to appear like 3D glasses.

By way of Tabletop Gaming

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