Steam Users Are Turning Summertime Sale Stickers Into Intercourse Jokes

This year’s Steam Summertime Sale may possibly not attribute a large-scale co-op sport or an ARG, but it does have stickers. That folks are applying to make porn. Of program.

(This put up is almost certainly NSFW, but maybe not???)

If you entire “quests” that additional or a lot less sum to striving out standard Steam characteristics (examine your discovery queue, mark a review as handy, and so on), you can unlock digital stickers themed right after different games like BioShock, Undertale, and Octodad. You can then array them as you make sure you across a variety of backgrounds to tell your very own minor tales, which you can display screen on your Steam profile web page. Sweet! Damn around wholesome, in fact.

But this is Steam, where innocence goes to die and achieve extremely strong opinions on anime sexual intercourse games, in that get. So in a natural way, folks are applying Steam Summertime Sale stickers to make online video sport characters do the fuck. Redditor pitogiro kicked off a thread that turned into a journey:

But it’s not all gravity-defying cockflips and debatably effective zombie blowjobs. Three or 4 folks on the entire earth in fact utilised the stickers to depict items other than sexual intercourse:

And last of all, pure chaos:

Display us your Summertime Sale sticker art? I guess? Make sure you stop sexing the zombie, however. He’s experienced enough. Enable him die.

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