Streamer Beats Bloodborne’s DLC boss unarmed With NG +7

Bloodborne’s The Old Hunters DLC managers are tough. However, whatever challenges I faced were nothing compared to Souls aficionado and superb masochist Lobos Jr., who determined to take on the growth’s first leader, Ludwig the Accursed, in NG 7 (the most challenging problem) using just his fists.

That is correct, Lobos Jr. entered the fray unarmed against a manager more difficult than anything in the main campaign.

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As such, it took him about 12 hours to kill this grand creature (which seems considerably briefer than I Had had estimated). Heck, even his successful effort takes a whopping 37 minutes to perform.

He is now squaring off against the DLC’s final boss in a style that is likewise unarmed.

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