Streamer Jailbreaks Super Mario Planet Cartridge To Run Mods

Streamer and speedrunner Sethbling has taken Super Mario Planet hacking to the upcoming stage. Working with a help you save glitch identified by Cooper Harasyn, he’s managed to generate a “jailbroken” Super Mario Planet cartridge with a mod-enabling hex editor developed appropriate in.

Fooling around with Super Mario Planet code is normally a pretty difficult detail, as Sethbling demonstrated previous calendar year when he utilised glitches to code a version of Flappy Chook into the Nintendo traditional in actual-time. This most current hack can make it a great deal much easier, making a hex editor for the video game that can be saved to an unmodded cartridge.

After the hex editor is loaded on to the cartridge it is pretty easy to get in and tweak things. In the GIF previously mentioned Sethbling is cycling by way of Mario’s ability-up states, equally valid and invalid kinds, producing some unusual final results. In the GIF atop the post he’s jogging p4plus2’s telekinesis mod by using the hex editor, allowing for Mario to choose up his enemies and shift them about the monitor.

Receiving the hex editor loaded is a pretty compex approach requiring a great deal of Super Nintendo hardware, but at the time it is all carried out you can transfer the editor amongst cartridges reasonably speedily.

Check out out Sethbling’s overview of the jailbreak mod below.

Want to learn much more? Seth’s bought the total unique livestream archived, together with notes detailing his approach.

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