That Time A JRPG Ended In The Middle Of A Closing Manager Battle

Over the previous couple decades, there have been numerous issues about online video match endings—that they are rushed, that they are unsatisfying, that it feels like the builders used much more time on other parts of the match (commonly genuine). But no unfinished ending holds a candle to Saga Frontier.

Saga Frontier, a quirky part-playing match that Sq. introduced in 1998 for the PlayStation 1, has an bold structure centering on 7 protagonists, every with his or her individual marketing campaign. One particular marketing campaign revolves around a teenage boy who turns into a superhero a different is about a robot who has to recover its memory, and so on.

One particular of Saga Frontier’s best tales stars a wizard named Blue who has just graduated from a considerably fewer enjoyable version of Hogwarts. He is explained to to go out and collect magic from throughout the galaxy, then to occur back again and battle his twin brother, Rouge, for wizard supremacy. At the conclusion of the duel, the two brothers merge, revealing that they ended up really two sides of the exact same person all together. (If you shed, you are going to perform as Rouge for the rest of the match.) Then, the wizards check with Blue/Rouge to descend into a twisted version of Hell and avert demons from coming out and invading the earth.

And then, nicely, this transpires (skip to eight:40):

Tends to make all those people issues about Mass Effect three feel fairly quaint, never you believe? At least that game’s ending actually—you know—existed..

While Blue’s ending arrived as a shock to western Saga Frontier players back again in the nineteen nineties, it obtained an rationalization in The Essense of SaGa Frontier, a Japanese tome that disclosed a wonderful deal about the match (which include a whole lot of minimize content). As Saga Frontier participant RedBoot spelled out in a Let us Engage in of the match:

It turns out that extensive in the past the Magic Kingdom sealed away the demons, but realized the seal would someday split. Thus the program to make a wizard who could regulate all spells was conceived. Blue/Rouge was that program, and it was a success. Even so, could Rouge could really defeat Hell’s Lord? Apparently the remaining wizards of the Magic Kingdom weren’t interested in using any chances. When Hell’s Lord was chaotic combating Rouge, the wizards sealed away Hell, freezing it in time. For this reason the sudden conclusion to the fight. Essence goes on to condition that Rouge sooner or later breaks totally free of the seal, led by the cries of his friends.

How metaphorical. The other answer is probably that Saga Frontier’s builders did not have time to complete the ending to Blue’s marketing campaign, so they just stuck “The End” in the middle of a boss battle and identified as it a day. Don’t forget that the subsequent time you’re disappointed by the finale of a online video match.

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