The Counter To Doomfist? Get A Seat

As players flood into the community examination servers of Overwatch to come across makes use of and counters for the new villain Doomfist, a single player has found a alternatively fascinating a single: sitting down down.

In a emphasize posted on the Overwatch subreddit, soon after popping off a four-kill greatest, McCree player “Quesogard,”decides to walk onto the place and just take a seat to admire the their handiwork. As he eases on down, Doomfist player “Trunkz” will come flying in from just off-display and whiffs, eating a full enthusiast of the hammer from McCree times later on.

Successful tech? Maybe not, but certainly satisfying to enjoy in excess of and in excess of yet again. If you’ve obtained any very good counters for Doomfist, let us know in the remarks.

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